A Tea in Rome with a Princess

On 2019, just after Christmas festivities, we met for the first time Princess Gaia Moncada in her beautiful home in the center of Rome.

She is used to invite friends for nice tea parties with Sicilian pastries when she is in Italy, so we were very lucky enough to be among those friends, because she's a modern traveling Princess, she doesn't stay in a palace (more than one indeed!) and doesn't need to be saved by a Charming Prince to go around and discover the world with her smile.

The home decor reflects exactly the Princess solar attitude: sophisticated, simple and precious at the same time, everywhere you can gaze at objets from around the World, authentic and unique, in one word, everything looks special there.

In that occasion, she presented her kimono collections and we really got the philosophy of Gaia Moncada Design: to create luxury through simplicity, uniqueness and handmade details.

Sipping our Jasmine tea and tasting delicious Sicilian cannolis, Princess Gaia told to her friends the exciting history of her life: she was born in Sicily from an ancient family and since her childhood, she travelled a lot with her parents all over the World. She is grateful to her parents for teaching her to see the beauty and the uniqueness in every place. When she was just 11 years old she lived in Japan where she got forever fascinated by Japanese women: so elegant, sophisticate and at the same time impressive in their beautiful silk kimono.

Kimono became for Gaia synonymous of every woman's beauty and strength, exalted by the silk texture lightness, these feminine creations give the power to fly upon any obstacles and circumstances always with royal allure...

Little Princess Gaia started to dream in her Machiya (traditional japanese home), drawing down all her fantasies  ... and you know, if you dream it, you can do it. 

When she grew up she decided to open up her long cherished dream and produce her own vibrant kimono couture with high quality silk, chosen with attention and designed by herself with all the colors and tradition in her personality: Sicilian culture at its best meets exotic inspiration and you can feel that: wearing a Gaia Moncada Design creations has immediately the power to transform you in an undoomed Princess! 

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