Leather the oldest fashion product

Leather is, by far, the most ancient material men started to manufacture to create their clothes, with fire, it represented the real difference from older Hominids and the new Sapiens.

As most of their discover probably Prehistoric Men discovered "by chance" that exposing the skin of animals to fire and particularly to fresh wood smoke extended dramatically the life of their leather clothes and from there... it's just History!

The techniques and the experimentations evolved along the years, but basically modern treatments are not so different from the past, we are "just" (and hopefully!) more attentive to our environment and so some ancient techniques have been abandoned.

Roman and Greeks warriors even used a specially treated "armored" leather  in battle: the resistance of steel and the weight of a jacket, not bullet-proof, obviously, but for the time it was up for the job.

Italy, among other things, :-), is unanimously recognized as the best leather manufacture in the World and has its hot spots in the North of Italy for furniture and automotive, Florence for Fashion and the region of Campania for shoes.

This "Leathership" comes from years of history (are we talking about Romans? Likely...!) with the developments of techniques during the Renaissance, particularly with the introduction of aluminum for the tanning fire that made the leather firm but with a soft touch that just Italian Leather can boast about.

Our Capri Sandals are made with the best Florence's Leather, and our friend Luigi personally choose every year the best batch for his creations, to get to you feet the best possible place to stay. Because his Capri Sandals are made with this "alive" product you will experience a difference from the first time you'll wear your sandals to the second or third time: the sandals will "modify", will "get used" to your feet and will perfectly cope with them...

Are you ready for this new experience? Leave plastic flip flops! Get a Capri Sandal!

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