Ariel’s Vibes at ITALY EXPO 2022 in Tampa!

For the first time we decided “to go public” and we took some of our collections at Italy Expo 2022, a venue in Tampa Florida, from February 4 to February 6.

We honestly have to say that we were a little worried, we perfectly knew the quality of our products but it was the first time we had to be in direct contact with our customers, what would it be the outcome? Will they “understand” our philosophy?

What to say after these three days?

Well… they have been three wonderful, fantastic, incredible, chic, warm and VERY Italian Days!

Ariel’s Vibes exposition at Italy Expo
As per our initial idea Ariel’s Vibes space became a boudoir, a place where visitors of the Expo could come not just to feel and experience the quality of our wonderful products, but to chat, share experiences and be part of the same Vibe, Ariel’s Vibe obviously.

We spent three days knowing people, listening to their stories, feel the happiness to find again the spirit of Italy they experienced when in Positano, in Capri or in Sicily: Italy is a beautiful country, but not just for what you can visit there, it is not just a beautiful Palace or a breathtaking sunset, Italy is a metaphysical experience, it is a visit that pervades you, in all your senses, the sounds, the sight, the smells, the touch on your skin. When you visit Italy a bit of it will be always with you and we were so happy that our visitors recognized that magic touch in our corner.

All our Designers and Artisans had a little corner, it was so beautiful to go trough our space with our customers and explain every single detail, every story, even the personality of our artisans and we believe that the People that visited us at Tampa EXPO Italy 2022 really had the opportunity to enter in the artisan workshops back in Positano, Milan, Agrigento or Turin.
Ariel’s Vibes Table for jewelry and bow ties at  Italy EXPO 2022
So, Tampa Italy EXPO 2022 has been a great experience and it pushed us to evaluate other venues, because the opportunity to present in person the value of our products it is invaluable, keep an eye out there, we will be out soon!

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