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When it Comes to Arja Cajo, the Heart and Soul behind this Collection of Scarves and Stoles, you never know where the photographer ends and the Fashion Artist Starts.

Viola Cajo De Cristoforis, a professional photographer, who at a certain point in her career felt the need to give a new life to her images and to combine her professional skills as a photographer with her love for flowers: all this takes the form of a business idea that immediately turns out to be a winner.

Trust and pure love: with these two values, the new Spring / Summer "Twin souls" collection by Arja Cajo wants to welcome 2021, scarves and stoles made of impalpable fabrics of the highest quality, designed and dedicated to women who want to be sophisticated and unique, just like the piece they wear.

Each piece of the "Twin souls" collection can be made of different materials - linen, cotton, modal, silk, cashmere and the inevitable wool - selected after a careful choice among suppliers who can always guarantee 100% made production excellence in Italy.

As always, alongside the “Twin souls” collection, there will be the possibility to request a tailor-made creation, to be bearers of a precise message or to give those we love a beauty that lasts forever.

14 products

14 products