Seashells Jewelry

Seashells Jewelry


      From a brand new artisan that has a beautiful history, a collection of jewelry made from Seashells handpicked on the sea side and mounted on gold, silver, yellow Gold Plating, Pink Gold Plating and Black or White Rhodium, with a medieval technique that embrace the shell without using glue or piercing it.

      Every seashell is different as YOU are, every jewel so will be made expressly for you.

      Do you have a special shell that means something to you? Check our Special shell jewel, Malaika will mount it for you, making it even more precious and unique. 

      About Malaika:

      She is a real Citizen of the World:

      She has nurtured the feeling of being a real melting pot of cultural backgrounds and continents between Africa, Indonesia, Usa and Europe and she's filling her art with this.

      It all started with a natural shell picked up while walking on the Adriatic sea but mostly due to her insatiable passion for Italian craftsmanship. Art and Tradition combined to create a Union of cultures treasured by both Women and Men.

      It is meticulously designed to be tied to a foulard that comes from an assortment of unique vintage fabrics collected over the years throughout her voyages, ultimately hand-painted as a true Art piece.

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