Woven Clucthes

Woven Clutches


      The Neapolitan designer Gianmarco Russo creates his handmade collections pursuing quality, elegance and imagination.

      The manual finesse and creativity of Russo find their highest statement in unique accessories which blend high-quality materials with inimitable stylistic refinement. Creations that are truly Made in Italy, Made in Naples.

      Ladies’ shawls and foulards in silk, linen, velvet, and cashmere, feature unique clasps personally hand crafted by Gianmarco Russo. Each clasp is multifunctional and at the same time an exclusive creation.

      Russo designs and works on every so-called jeweled clasps using gemstones, pearls, coral, crystals, bronze and silver. The result of clasp and fabric taken together is a fabulous array of sumptuousness and charm. All the pieces are carefully hand-finished by the artist with needle and thread.

      In his latest collections, the designer has introduced a line of accessories for men - scarves in cashmere, silk and linen inserting into the cloth an original leather and steel ring clasp - and a line of limited edition sculpted necklaces/bracelets and bags.
      In a remarkably short time, Gianmarco Russo has established himself in prestigious boutiques of Italy and is now also to be found in some of the most important cities of Europe.