Italian Vegetable Gold Jewels

Italian Vegetable Gold Jewels


      Capim D’Oro is a young jewelry brand handcrafting the vegetable gold Capim dourado in amazing accessories.

      Their handmade creations are the quintessence of craftsmanship. There’s a careful study of the material and a meticulous selection of the vegetable fiber.

      Each hand-woven jewel is created by hand and it requires a skillful precision.

      Every year the Capim D’Oro artisans visit the Brazilian Jalapão region, where they choose all the best vegetable fibers. The supply of raw materials is essential, because it can often happen that the harvest is ruined due to bad seasons and it is therefore essential to have the capim dourado available also for the following years.

      Capim d’Oro is based in Italy where it is promoting the knowledge of the capim dourado particular process, started by the Indians of Brazil. The semi-finished product that comes directly from Brazil is in fact processed by young apprentices in the workshop in Rome, who masterfully weave the vegetable fiber.