Why Ariel's Vibes, A store Philosophy

When someone thinks about italy, immediately his mind is filled by thousand images of Art, History, Food, landscapes and, obviously, Fashion.

Fashion in Italy, with all his great Names, has a big role in the international vision of the Country, but when you finally arrive there, you realize that just strolling around that small village outside Naples or on the seaside of that Sicilian Town or even in the small road behind Via Montenapoleone, the Temple of Milan's Fashion District.  Just there, you can find the hidden gems of Italian Fashion, the small shop with an artisan that spins his own fabric to have the best Linen  for his creations, the young boy who plies by hand the silk to create his own bow-ties, the college girl who pays his studies creating incredible ceramic jewels, or the beautiful mannequin who find the best silk to sew her own Kimonos.

Those are just a small part of the huge research work that Ariel's Vibes team is performing in Italy every day, we explore, we use our network of friends, relatives and work colleagues to receive hints on niche brands, to discover something that is out of the beaten path. This is the real way Italians do their shopping; Italians tend to rely more on the suggestions coming "through the grapevine" of that nice new shop that work "as we should!" instead of famous international Made in Italy fashion brands internationally.

Our store mission is to take you on those "Italian Village" nets and hidden backroads that are the backbone of the Made in Italy: in the expert Artisans hands and inside their little shops lives the real heart of Italian Fashion.

So let's open your heart and take a promenade with us in the beautiful Italy!

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