Made In Italy with Love - An Original Gift Card for your happy events!

Made In Italy with Love - An Original Gift Card for your happy events!

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Festivities and celebrations are giving you a terrible headache ?

Are you not sure about fashion taste preferences but you do want to show your appreciation to someone very special? ... Voilà the Ariel's Vibes Gift Card!

You can choose one or more Gift Cards and they can go for shopping on our website. A classy choice.  Made in Italy = No regrets

This card will be send by mail, email or text message to you or directly to your friends or beloved ones with the following words.

I want something Special for a loved Special one. 

This Gift card is just for you!

I do love you and you deserve the best.

Enjoy an Ariel's Vibes choice. Made with love. Made in Italy.

From my hearth with love!


Italian Landscape and sea

Why Ariel's Vibes?

a store philosophy

Ariel's Vibes is not a regular shop you can find online. It is a Boutique that has a "Scout Team" in Italy that explore every small corner of the Country just to find unique and special Italian fashion goods: dresses, accesories, bags, jewelery and more.

Every product in Ariel's Vibes Store is attentively selected, keeping in mind our philosophy where "Your Aesthetic is your Ethic". Our items are mostly handmade or with handmade details, produced with a keen attention to the environment and the sustainability.

Moreover we decided to offer FREE SHIPPING to our customers with a shipping company that deliver in just three days directly from Italy for the products that are tailor made.

Our customers Say


Beautiful Kimono, so happy to receive it, directly from Italy, in such a short time!

Austin, TX

Simply awesome ! I love the softeness of the fabric and the original and unique design. Everytime I wear my pure linen outfit I feel myself wonderful and at ease!

Jennifer O.
Reno, CA

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